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Food Wastes Collection Container

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Hardwood charcoal food wastes collection container
Gray, Navy blue, Light green
Filter is basically black color
Hardwood charcoal polymer/polypropylene

Charcoal Industrial/Household Food waste Container
Food waste containers made with charcoal polymer has and excellent antibiosis ability which prevents food wastes from decomposition.

Removing bad odors from decoying food waste is another advantage of this container.
Far-infrared rays and anion emission prevents containers from breaking during winter season.

Food wastes in this container are much easier to recycle as animal feed.
Charcoal also helps to reduce harmful metals therfore it helps to keep land clean. It is certified as an excellent performance product by Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea and certified by the U.S. FDA.
This food waste container is supplied to apartments and public institutions.

Product Information of Hardwood Charcoal Cotton

Sanitary collection container
- It displays deodorizing and antimicrobial effects and removes heavy metals.
- It removes stink by preventing the propagation of bacteria from the remaining food wastes

Environmental-friendly product
- It is a sanitary product using the natural hardwood charcoal.
- It won recognition as an appropriate material from FDA, USA.
- It uses a natural, harmless material with only edible hardwood charcoal.

Food wastes collection container with a cool design
- It has many shapes and colors that are preferred by housewives.
- You have your choice depending on a multifamily house or single family house.
- It is easy to transport with handles on top and middle.
- It prevents stink with a tightly sealed cover.

Relief of freezing in the winter season
- It relieves freezing in the winter season using special material.
- It relieves freezing in the winter season thanks to far infrared ray emission.